Empowering users to control their data, while offering open solutions for institutions to build decentralised, trustable, and secure services.

Learn more about the rationale behind our 2060 and the team behind it.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aspire to offer open-standards-based tools that will democratise the usage of Verifiable Credentials. We provide the building blocks that enable fully interoperable that enable fully peer-to-peer group communication channels ,with no vendor lock-in.

Our goal is to empower end-users with data control and privacy , while advancing trust between entities.


Fabrice Rochette

Co-Founder and CEO

Visionary entrepreneur with solid technical background and proven capacity of innovation.

Ariel Gentile

Co-Founder and CTO

All-terrain engineer motivated to use his knowledge to bring true benefits to the people. A warrior combating usage of the technology for the wrong reasons.

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