Verifiable Credentials & Authentic Data

Open-source tools that enable building rich decentralized chat-powered services, combining text, pictures, videos and voice based on Verifiable Credentials.


Create anonymous, decentralised, sophisticated and interoperable chat connections between Users and Services.


Our open-source SDK is based on established, proven standards and allows you to rapidly build chatbots or apps around your products and services, at no cost.


Deliver various types of credentials to end-users, including identity cards, banking cards, graduation certificates, and many other types of credentials.


Verify trusted credentials issued by your organisation or your partners, to secure the authentication of connections to your products and services.


Similar to your favourite messaging apps, chat with friends, family and chatbots, while having total control over who can contact you, and what to share with them.


Add Verifiable Credentials connections from validated organisations, to access products and services.


Manage how your personal information is shared when a request is made. Generate zero-knowledge proofs to only disclose necessary credential data.


Hologram is a Verifiable Credential Wallet and Messaging App with true privacy preserving features. Unlike other messaging apps, Hologram is a self-custody app, which means user’s data is only stored on device, and exclusively under user’s control.

Get a sneak peak of the above- mentioned features and more by downloading the Hologram app now.

Use Cases

ID card issuance for GOVs

Use our open source software to quickly enable issuance of Verifiable ID Cards to citizens. Eradicate identity fraud and theft in no time.

ID card issuance for GOVs

Make sure to scan this QR code with the Hologram App.

Fast KYC for B2C companies

Authenticate your users and verify their identity in no time by comparing Verifiable Credential data with user biometrics using our open source software.

Fast KYC for B2C companies

Make sure to scan this QR code with the Hologram App.

Decentralized chatbots

Build your own chatbots by embedding our open source software containers in your applications or services. Check this out with the AvatarID chatbot.

Decentralized chatbots

Make sure to scan this QR code with the Hologram App.

Proof of Humanity

Restrict access to your services to human only by just let them flash a QR Code and present an AvatarID Verifiable Credential.

Proof of Humanity

Make sure to scan this QR code with the Hologram App.

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